Farlight 84 Content Creation Challenge

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Version 14.4.1 has introduced Highlight Replays and Hero Rankings!
Showcase your skills with your best heroes and demonstrate your expertise. Share your 14.4.1 Highlight Videos with the tag #farlight84update to participate! Stand a chance to win cash and diamond rewards!



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1. Submission Time:
2023-9-7 00:00 to 2023-10-9 23:59:59 (UTC +0)
2. Submission Rules:
  • We are collecting Farlight 84 14.4.1 version-themed videos/live streams published between September 7th and October 9th. Please remember to manually add the hashtag #farlight84update when posting your videos.
  • Click the "Submit Now" button and register through the Farlight 84 Creator Zone page to participate. Once your video is published, go to the "UPLOAD CONTENT" tab and choose the "Update 14.4.1" task to upload the link. You can submit up to 5 videos.
  • You can choose to participate on a single platform or multiple platforms, but you can only submit 5 videos. The rankings will be calculated based on the video views from each platform. Note: Facebook Reels cannot be used for submissions.
  • To ensure fairness and originality, we strictly prohibit stealing and plagiarism in the submission videos. Each video must be an original work and can only be submitted once by the same person. Please note that any violations will result in immediate disqualification from the event.
  • We have a zero-tolerance policy for cheating or submitting irrelevant content in any form. Such actions may lead to an indefinite suspension from future or related events.
  • We will use big data analysis to examine the average views of all your previous works on the channel, and combine it with the data of the submitted works to verify the authenticity of the submission data.
  • Any contestants found to be suspected of taking unfair advantage or engaging in abusive behavior will be immediately disqualified from the contest. Abusive behavior includes using improper means to artificially increase the number of views and likes, such as utilizing tools or methods to promote videos.
  • The eligibility for prizes in this event will be determined solely by the Farlight 84 team.
3. Reward Rules:
The rewards are divided into ranking rewards and sharing rewards. Participants can receive both types of rewards.
The top 50 players on each platform can win Ranking Rewards.
YouTube & Twitch Prizes:
  • Top 1 player gets $800.
  • Top 2 player gets $600.
  • Top 3 player gets $400.
  • Top 4-10 players get $200.
  • Top 11-20 players get $100.
  • Top 21-50 players get $50.
TikTok Prizes:
  • Top 1 player gets $500.
  • Top 2 player gets $400.
  • Top 3 player gets $300.
  • Top 4-10 players get $200.
  • Top 11-20 players get $100.
  • Top 21-50 players get $50.
All valid participants can equally share the Sharing Rewards.
  • When participation reaches 100, all users will share 10,000 Diamonds.
  • When participation reaches 200, all users will share 30,000 Diamonds.
  • When participation reaches 500, all users will share 100,000 diamonds.
  • When participation reaches 1000, all users will share 300,000 diamonds.
  • When participation reaches 3000, all users will share 1,200,000 diamonds.
Data will be calculated until October 10th, 00:00 (UTC+0).
4. Submitting an entry means you have read and agree to the following:
  • Your submission will be removed and disqualified if it contains illegal or inappropriate content.
  • Your submission may be disqualified if the link is wrong or invalid, or if your contact information is wrong.
  • If there are any disputes regarding your submission, such disputes have nothing to do with the Farlight 84 team. The creator of the content shall bear the responsibility for all potential impacts in the future.
  • The collection of submissions may be delayed or terminated if force majeure or other unexpected factors are encountered during the event.
  • The Farlight 84 Operation Team reserves the right of final interpretation for this event.
  • By participating in this event and submitting information, participants agree to the collection and disclosure of their personal information for the purpose of administering and distributing prizes.

Submission has ended.

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